Published Sep 13, 2021

Xiumei Dai  

Liangbin Yi


Promoting teachers’ professional development has become the overall goal of teachers’ training in the new era. In this article, the researches on classroom, teaching material, and examination assignment were considered as the carriers, taking the interactive process Plan-Action-Observation-Reflection as the path, so as to contribute to the project features, including the task collection and selection, materials sorting, joint R&D, and problem-solving. Through the reform of traditional teaching activities, the article particularly explored and analyzed the intention, procedure, and content of innovative Mathematics teaching research activity through the projected teaching, and researching model. It is important to pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, education and scientific research, teacher research and expert guidance, so as to enhance the teachers’ professional abilities to solve the teaching problems and promote the regional Mathematics teaching activities to a deeper level.


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Problem-Solving, Projectization, Teaching and Research Activities, Strategy

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Dai, X., & Yi , L. (2021). The Design and Research of the Projected Problem: Solving Teaching Research Activities. Science Insights Education Frontiers, 10(S1), 7. https://doi.org/10.15354/sief.21.s1.ab037
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